It is our job to make sure that a concert goes off without a hitch and that none of the band’s music sheets end up on the floor, and for that matter, none of the band, either. Beyond that, we also help set the props for plays and a variety of other performances. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Luckily, our gear makes the task much easier to handle.


The Gear We Trust In

Setting the stage for a performance may seem like an easy task. Sometimes it is very easy to handle. Other times, we have to work hard to get things ready for the curtain to rise. We often end up using paint brushes and paint to repair props that have sustained damage, but most of the time, we end up building the things we need. There are some things that can be built with cardboard and paints, other times, we need hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and other power tools.

Concerts and other types of stage settings are a little easier. Most of the time that is just tightening a screw here and there to make sure that everything is holding together, but there are times when even this can pose a challenge.

The Challenges We Face

41RR92Yk2mLOne of the biggest challenges we must deal with is power outages. During the summer, we lose power quite often because of sudden storms that roll through virtually every day. Limbs cannot handle being weighed down by the rain and power lines are prone to go down. If this happens, our power tools are useless and since most performances are scheduled months in advance, we cannot simply say, “Oops”. For those times, we have a Yamaha portable generator on hand, because if our job does not get done, the performance will not be as good as it should be.

In rare cases, our local school band decides to have an outdoor concert or performance. If there is no power and all of our tools are not in peak working order, their show will not be the one they truly wanted to have. This is very bad for them and for us, because at all times, the show must go on.

Making a Great Performance Better

Our job is simple. We have to work to make sure that a great performance is better than anyone can hope it will be. This means that when the power started going out all the time, it did not take us long to decide to search through and read all of the diesel generator reviews we could find. We wanted something that would be dependable and reliable enough to handle the work load we would put on it in a worst case scenario.

Our new generator has saved the show in more ways than one, because when storms hit on opening night, there are things that do require power at that time as well. This includes microphones, lighting, and special effects. We trust our gear to get us through the toughest times. Shouldn’t you trust in yours when no one but you depends on them?

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