PropBuildingGuideWhen it comes to how you set the stage for a perfect performance, there are a lot of things to consider. The lighting and sound system are only the start. Mostly, the stage and whether it is perfect or not, is going to be centered on the quality of the props that are a part of it. This may sound silly considering that a good actress or actor is typically the key component to a good play, but props also matter.

Why Props Matter

Think about the type of stage that you need for your performance. If you are telling a story that is based in the 50s, you wouldn’t want iPads and other items that we associate with more recent times to be a part of it. You should have furniture, decor, and even clothing that depicts the storyline you are telling. These are all props and it can go a long way in convincing your audience that the story you are telling is somewhat believable. This is very important when you are trying to transport your audience to that time period and have them feel as though they are watching something real take place.

The Prop Master’s Task

Another part of props, is giving actors and actresses a place to quickly change from one scene to the next. For or instance, if you are telling a story that requires someone to disappear off the stage quickly, there may be a smoke bomb released in front of a prop so that when the actor hits their mark they can quickly disappear, first into the smoke and then behind the stage prop. The audience may know where that person went, but it creates the illusion that the person went away suddenly and as long as there is something else going on at the time, the audience will not focus on how the illusion took place.


This is where having a prop master to help you set the stage is going to make the most difference. This person or group of people will work behind the scenes to set things up. They will ensure that the smoke bombs are set on their mark and that the tree you can hide behind is in the right place so that when you reach that point in your performance, everything comes together at one time. They will also ensure that when that part comes up, your lighting technician will know that they need to either filter the light in that area for a short time, cast the strobe lights onto that part of the stage, or darken that area completely.

Making Moments Matter

To set the stage for a perfect performance, there are many key elements that must come into play at one time. That is where the professionals come into it. They are the ones who perform off the center stage. They are the ones that take a lot of little pieces and pull them together. The props are the focal points, second only to the actual performers and what they are doing on stage. If you are unsure of how to pull everything together for your next big performance, we are here to help you get it done so that when your audience leaves, they will feel that they have seen something truly outstanding.

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