It may seem a little overly confident to say that we are prepared for anything, but in our line of business, we have to be. Setting the stage for other people is not always easy, especially in outdoor areas. This is because the lighting in an outdoor area is never consistent. It is unpredictable and there are so many variables to every part of setting it up. If we weren’t prepared for anything, we would most likely never manage to pull off a great stage setup and that would be devastating for our little business ventures. The thing is; we do not have the option to prepare just for Mother Nature. We have to take a lot of different things into consideration.

Preparing for Nature

Nature’s unpredictability means that you have to be ready for anything. Rains sneak in when you do not want them to and there is a constant need to change the lighting on the stage to keep up with the steady flow of daylight to darkness. You can have a perfect lighting setup for one day at 3 pm, but the very next day at the same time, it could be all wrong. This keeps us busy, but there are also insects to deal with, props to prop up, and numerous other things that could go wrong. We have made it our goal to have all of these different aspects under control, as best as we can, but it is not an easy feat. We admit that we struggle at times. We get caught off guard more often than we want to, but there is one aspect of nature that never gets the best of us and for that, we are truly thankful.

We Beat Nature

Mother Nature has a sense of humor and often it seems that the people who want us to set up a stage do as well. Even when indoors and setting up everything, we are often doing so in an arena that doesn’t have power on at all times. In outdoor areas, we often have to go without things that most people take for granted. This includes a consistent power supply, fresh water, and the luxuries of a bathroom since often portable toilets will not be brought in until the day of the event.

Luckily, we have found the solution to deal with this type of nature’s call and it comes in the form of bringing our own portable toilets. The Luggable Loo, like the one on this site,  is a popular choice among all parts of our setup team because it is the easiest to deal with.

Let’s Set the Stage

Our job is not an easy one. We often have a lot of different things working against us, but for us; the thrill of pulling off a great stage is well worth it. Our job is to take a simple structure and make it great for the person on the stage and the people who are there to watch. If we can do it, we feel that we have beat Nature at her own game and it is the thrill that encourages us to get started on the next stage setup.

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