There are many theaters and it is a competitive world of who can put on the best show and performances. It means there are a lot of crazy tricks that are put into use to fool the eyes and make the story being told more real than ever. It is a magical combination of actors, actresses, and the ultimate stage prop.

Set the Stage


Once upon a time, theater productions were basic. They had the actors and characters that could tell a story. The props were created with lights, wood, and paint. They were on wheels for easy portability on the stage. They could be moved easily on and off when they were needed. There were also, in some cases, large pictures that would drop down from the ceiling or rise up from the floor. Everything on the stage looked real, but it was all simple in design.

Now, we live in a world of technology. It is all around us. Is it really any wonder that the stage productions on Broadway are striving to keep up with an HD world?

The Magic Begins

dryicesmokeSeveral years ago, the major Broadway theater productions began using dry ice and pyrotechnics to delight those who came to their show. The louder the bangs and the brighter the stage, the more people would come and the longer a single production could remain on Broadway. People wanted more than to simply see a group of people tell a story. They wanted the entire stage to tell the story, with the people on the stage giving words to what was going on. Thanks to technology, it is easier to make a person float through the air, and no ropes are required. More and more Broadway shows are incorporating scooters and Segways into their productions because it gives more of an illusion when combined with the dry ice and strategic lighting.

Can You Imagine?

floatingThink about the last Broadway Theater you went to. Would it have been made more impressive had the guy that was surrounded by a misty fog been on a smart balance board? How would it have felt to actually see that woman in her long flowing gown pretending to be an angel or something float across the stage? Would it have been more believable to you had the actors rode across many miles on a gas powered scooter rather than walked all the way across town? It may sound a little extreme, but these are things that many Broadway productions are using to enhance the audience’s viewing pleasure. It is ensuring that the theaters keep up with our technology based world so that more people visit these theaters and come back to watch the next show when it is available. It works by keeping people guessing about what they will see next. Everyone wants to know, what other devices will become the ultimate stage prop for future Broadway shows.

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